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900 Broadway Suite 201, NY, NY 10003  map
T 212.475.4414  F 212.475.4434   info@studiofournyc.com
Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm

openarrow1  STUDIO FOUR TEXTILES  our house line of by-the-yard fabrics

Studio Four Textiles are designed by Soraya Shah and handwoven of beautiful fibers. Though made to order, the minimum is only 5 yards, making these fabrics perfect for projects large and small. Our initial collection consists of eight patterns, each offered in six standard colors. See the full line...

openarrow1  SELVEDGE HANDWOVEN FOR STUDIO FOUR  custom order fabrics

Custom handwoven fabrics created and woven by Soraya Shah on her loom in the Studio Four showroom.

See a gallery of more of our Selvedge Handwoven offerings...

openarrow1  AALAMWAAR  fabric

Aalamwaar's mission is to preserve, document, sustain and promote traditional textile-making techniques in India using local artisans to create hand-dyed and handblocked prints.

elephantwalk-charcoal guatemalan-stripedemin%20buttercup africanborder-charcoal ikat-cottoncandy provence-cinnabar suzani-orangecinnamon zigzag-charcoal

Visit the Aalamwaar website

openarrow1  ABNORMALS ANONYMOUS  wallpaper

Classic wildlife illustrations updated with fresh color combinations to create witty and wonderful new wallpapers.

shapeimage_1-1 shapeimage_1-3 shapeimage_1-5 shapeimage_1-7 shapeimage_3 shapeimage_1-9

Visit the Abnormals Anonymous website

openarrow1  AKIN & SURI FOR HANDMADE INTERIORS  wallpaper & fabric

This charming new London-based line of handscreened and hand blocked fabrics draws inspiration from sources as varied as French lace and Turkish tiles.

akinandsuri13 akinandsuri12 akinandsuri11 akinandsuri10 akinandsuri8 akinandsuri7 akinandsuri6 akinandsuri5 akinandsuri4 akinandsuri3 akinandsuri1 akinandsuri2

Visit the Akin & Suri for Handmade Interiors website

openarrow1  ASTERISK DESIGNS  wallpaper

Brooklyn-based Asterisk creates gorgeous Venetian plaster walls by the yard.

asterisk2 asterisk3 asterisk5 asterisk1 asterisk4

Visit the Asterisk Design website

openarrow1  BOEME DESIGN  fabric

Based in London, this gorgeous line of printed velvets and linens celebrates artist Jo Bounds' love of painting, color and pattern.

Bandana frank-litho passiflora-dew-cameoPR Riparia-aurora-tambora-cushionsPR strata-magentaPR velvetspr2

Visit the Boeme Design website

openarrow1  CLARISSA HULSE  wallpaper & fabric

Handscreened and woven fabrics and handprinted wallpapers from England, with a strong emphasis on botanical images and color.

Screen-shot-2010-12-27-at-9.15.50-PM Screen-shot-2010-12-27-at-9.17.11-PM Screen-shot-2010-12-27-at-9.18.33-PM

Visit the Clarissa Hulse website

openarrow1  DOMINIQUE PICQUIER  fabric

Handprinted fabrics that are both playful and sophisticated from Parisian textile designer Dominique Picquier.

06fauteuilblancVrosevoileliseron PHOTO2 PHOTO5 metis-gingko-2-encre metis-marguerite-3-anthracite metis-marguerite-4-bleu metis-pivoine-imperiale ex_2010_07_22-22_34_54_1 ex_2010_07_22-22_35_06_1 ex_2010_07_22-22_37_57_1 ex_2010_07_22-22_35_45_1 ex_2010_07_22-22_35_55_1

Visit the Dominique Picquier website

openarrow1  EDIT  fabric

Beautiful, surprising prints designed by Australian Sharyn Storrier Lyneham and digitally printed on the finest quality linen, silk, cotton, hemp and velvet.

edit1 edit2 SydneyShowroom CHINOIS jewels-chair chandelier-chair-and-mannequin

Visit the Edit website

openarrow1  ESKAYEL  wallpaper & fabric

Striking kaleidoscopic wallpaper designs created with digitally manipulated sections from the paintings of artist and designer Shanan Campanaro.

all galileo_glass_shale natale_cerulean poolside_pool ripple_pearl roman_ram_metal splatter_spell_granite

Visit the Eskayel website

openarrow1  FERRICK MASON  fabric

Los Angeles- based hand screened linens from Brian Ferrick and Alex Mason, based on Alex's paintings inspired by nature

ex_2010_07_21-20_31_48_1 ex_2010_07_21-20_31_54_1 ex_2010_07_21-20_32_17_1 sfn_2010_07_21-20_33_56_1

Visit the Ferrick Mason website

openarrow1  FLAT VERNACULAR  wallpaper

Playful and original hand-drawn, hand-printed, and bespoke wallpapers are the specialty of this Brooklyn-based design duo.

Visit the Flat Vernacular website

openarrow1  FLOCK DESIGN COLLECTIVE  fabric

Flock Design Collective is a London studio that promotes up and coming textile designers and works with them to create fresh digitally produced fabrics on a variety of grounds.

aldgateeastink aldgateeastmustard circuits crackedice northmoremajor whitechapelorange

Visit the Flock Design Collective website

openarrow1  FLOYD HOME  fabric

A fresh take on traditional design motifs with sophisticated colors from Brooklyn artist Ambriel Floyd

openarrow1  FLORENCE BROADHURST  wallpaper, fabric & rugs

Australia's legendary Florence Broadhurst epitomized style and flair for over five decades, creating original designs of international acclaim.

fb1 fb2 fb4 fb5 fbf_h031 fbf_h039 fbw_b086 fbw_b098 fbw_co010 fbw_fl09 fbw_g04 fbw_g11

Visit the Florence Broadhurst at Signature Prints website

openarrow1  IDARICA GAZZONI  fabric & wallpaper

Milano-based designer Idarica Gazzoni has created collections inspired by her fictional time-traveling muse, Arjumand, and trade routes far and wide, including Imperial Russia, 19th Century Japan, Moghul India and the Ottoman Empire.

idarica1 idarica7 idarica3 idarica5 idarica9

Visit Idarica Gazzoni's website

openarrow1  KAMOFLEUR KOLLECTION  fabric

Handprinted linen designs based on a collection of Viennese stencils from the early 20th Century.

amadou1 astrid1 benoit1 delfina1 marisol1

Visit the Kamofleur Kollection website

openarrow1  KATE GABRIEL  fabric

Subtly exotic designs handprinted on beautiful belgian linens.

openarrow1  KATHERINE RALLY  fabric

Old world technique meets new world design with batiks from Bali in vibrant colors.

afrique-chocolate eliza-classicblue madagascar-castlegrey monaco-tangerine pondicherry-pinkcoral sassa-powderblue

Visit the Katherine Rally website

openarrow1  KREME HOME GOODS  wallpaper

Eco-friendly luxury wallpaper with playful retro designs made in Los Angeles.

kreme4 kreme2 frame_temp_chains_large wing_folk_flower_ivory_blkweb_large WING-SPIRO-IVRY-BLK_large wings_acorn_gate_ivoryweb_large

Visit the Kreme Home Goods website

openarrow1  LAKE AUGUST  wallpaper

This charming collection of hand-screened wallpapers pays tribute to the landscape and craft heritage of Scotland - and a portion of each sale goes to support sustainable agriculture through the Land Stewardship Project in Minnesota.

flockinflight1 gardenwall foxinthesnow2 highlandcable1 skyecable1

Visit the Lake August website

openarrow1  LINDSAY ALKER  wallpaper & fabric

British textile wonder Lindsay Alker's handscreened fabrics and wallpapers are inspired by Arts and Crafts handblocked designs.

battlegreat_wood bohemia_1 cliff_end1 castlewater_3 macro_3fairlight nook_beach macro_5tibbswhite_grey

Visit the Lindsay Alker website

openarrow1  LURU HOME  fabric

Gorgeous indigo resist prints made in Shanghai the same way they've been making them for over 3,000 years.

20-x-20-in-american-lady-pillow-182 20-x-20-in-chickadee-linen-pillow-176 20-x-20-in-chinatown-pillow-179 20-x-20-in-double-happiness-pillow-171 20-x-20-in-fish-bowl-pillow-186 20-x-20-in-on-the-fence-pillow-185 20-x-20-in-skipper-pillow-183 26-x-26-in-double-happiness-pillow-189

Visit the Luru Home website

openarrow1  MADISON & GROW  wallpaper & fabric

Eco-friendly clay papers that are hand-screened using water-based inks, bringing to life organic yet geometric designs.

man_elosno_instal mar_magred_install pas_eleper_instal-1

Visit the Madison & Grow website

openarrow1  MICHAEL DEVINE  fabric

Modern traditional handprints in a fresh and airy palette.

beekman ashley dottie venice

Visit the Michael Devine website

openarrow1  NUNO  fabric

Innovative textiles combining traditional aesthetics with the latest technologies to showcase the best of the past and present.

ex_2009_10_07-23_55_47_1 ex_2009_10_07-23_55_53_1 ex_2009_10_07-23_56_01_1 ex_2009_10_07-23_56_07_1 sfn_2009_10_07-12_40_55_1

Visit the Nuno website

openarrow1  PAPERMILLS  wallpaper

A uniquely modern line of handmade wallpapers featuring contemporary blockprints, handpainted textures and silkscreened graphic patterns.

P103 P601 P1803 P2004

Visit the Papermills website

openarrow1  PINTURA STUDIO  fabric & wallpaper

Handprinted fabrics based on timeless design motifs from around the world.

3240 3243 3248 3251 3254

Visit the Pintura website

openarrow1  PRINTS ETC  fabric

From geometrics, nature-based and abstracts, to styles of pure whimsy, these fabrics offer a fresh new perspective on a retro look.

IMG_2970_r.jpg.crop_display IMG_2992.jpg.crop_display astor.JPG.crop_display IMG_2953_r.jpg.crop_display

Visit the Prints Etc website

openarrow1  SHEILA BRIDGES HOME  wallpaper & fabric

Traditional wallpapers and fabrics with a witty twist from renowned interior designer Sheila Bridges.

toile_shopping_green wallpaper_dragon_orange wallpaper_enchanted wallpaper_floral wallpaper_hop_blue_home wallpaper_torino_cherry

Visit the Sheila Bridges Home website

openarrow1  STEVE MCKENZIE'S  fabric

Bold paintings transformed into linen prints by Atlanta designer Steve McKenzie.

mckenzies1 mckenzies2 mckenzies3 mckenzies4

Visit the Steve McKenzie's website

openarrow1  THE MAKE HOUSE  wallpaper

These witty handscreened wallpaper designs capture the unique flavor of Portland.

themakehouse3 themakehouse1 themakehouse5

Visit The Make House's website

openarrow1  TRES TINTAS BARCELONA  wallpaper & fabric

Painted papers and printed fabrics that celebrate the creative culture of Barcelona.

2030_2ok 2031_10ok 2031_13ok_1 2032_6okok_1 1965_1_1 1971_3_1 1990_1_2 1995_1_1 1998_4_1 2005_3_1 2006_1_1 R02 simulacio_sofa_1961_7

Visit the Tres Tintas website

openarrow1  TULU  fabric

Based in Istanbul, Tulu Textiles has an extensive range of prints based on designs from across the ancient silk routes.

alma-blue alvin-pink bixby-black clara doris eartha gigi-pink isadora madame-farfalla madame-thar mejiju melvin

Visit the Tulu website

openarrow1  TWENTY2  wallpaper, fabric & rugs

Hand-screened wallpapers and fabrics, and handmade custom rugs, with distinctive palettes and playful graphics that enliven the modern interior.

casamila montague peekaboo promenade grasscloth

Visit the Twenty2 website

openarrow1  VOUTSA  wallpaper

New York-based artist George Venson has created a bold wallpaper collection with painterly images of flora and fauna set against brightly colored solid grounds. We love the way the figures seem suspended in space.

voutsalotus voutsabutterflies voutsakoi voutsabirdsofparadise1 voutsabirdsofparadise2 voutsa

Visit the Voutsa website

openarrow1  WALTER G  fabric

An eclectic range of handmade textiles produced using traditional techniques in both India and Australia.

Antiqua_china-blues Bedouin_mixed-berry Flores_pink Jaipur_grey Loco-Spot_indigo_canvas polka_kashish_cotton1

Visit the Walter G website